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Adding Higher Giving to your site

Higher giving is an online giving portal. It is part of our Infinity product line and can be implemented into your Elexio Site using the following directions. 

1. Ensure an SSL security certificate is installed on your website.

If you do not have an SSL certificate installed, we will install one for you free of charge. If you use our E-mail system we can do this for you, just let us know that you need one installed. If you do not have E-mail with us, you must follow these additional steps.

Before we can start the process for setting up the SSL. You will need to have access to the E-mail address webmaster@yourdomain.com.

Once you have access to that E-mail address, let us know, and we will start the certification process.

An E-mail will be sent to that E-mail address requesting approval of the SSL certificate.

Once you have received and approved the certificate, let us know and we will complete the installation process for you.

2. Add the Higher Giving module to your Elexio Site. 

To add Higher giving to your Elexio Site, please follow the directions in this help article. 


During the process of placing the Higher Giving module on your page, please ensure to get your promotion code. You will need this when you sign up for Higher Giving. To do so click on the "Click here to see your code" link  in the control bar of the Infinity Product block.



3.Setup an Infinity account.

You can setup an Infinity account by following the directions in the article below.


4. Setup Elexio FPS or another merchant provider.

If you do not have a merchant provider, you can sign up for Elexio's Financial processing service by logging in at account.elexio.com. If you use this option, The Higher Giving banking information will automatically be filled out. More details on this service can be found here:http://help.elexio.com/fps/faq

If you have a merchant provider already, you can enter the credentials they have provided you by logging into your Infinity account, selecting  My Products-> Higher Giving-> Banking Information. Use the drop down to select your merchant provider and enter in the information they provided you. If your Merchant provider is not in the drop down please contact support by logging in at account.elexio.com.

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