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Last Updated: 8/27/2013

Infinity Products

Elexio Infinity is a suite of tools that plug into any web site. Three of the Elexio Infinity Products are included free with Elexio Website, using a promotion code included in your Website controls. Click a product name for more information, but don't sign up for an Infinity account before you read the information below.

  1. HigherGiving - Online Donations: instantly provide givers with the flexibility to contribute anytime, anywhere.
    • Note: If you are an Elexio Database and Portal user, we recommend you use the Online Giving that is included in Portal, as it connects to your Elexio Database.
  2. SmoothEvents - Online event registration that keeps you organized and headache free.
  3. MediaRush- This is an older Media center product. We recommend using the newer Media Center block for your media purposes.
    MediaRush was created to put audio, video, podcasting and more all in one place and easily searchable.

Subscriptions to the products above are all included free with Elexio Website.  The Infinity suite also includes

  • AnswersCafe - Biblical answers for life's hard questions, all from trusted Christian leaders.

Adding a block for an Infinity Product

Before an Elexio Infinity product will function on your site, you will need to sign up for the product and license it for your web site. Here's the typical steps to take:

  1. Create a page where your Infinity Product will be placed.
  2. Add an Infinity Product block to the page:
    • In the Add Block
      This selection box displays when adding a new block to a content area or when changing a design block.
      dialog box, select Elexio Infinity Product. The Elexio Infinity Product Options screen will appear.
    • If you haven't set up your Infinity account, click the link for your Promo code (it's in the paragraph at the top of the Elexio Infinity Product Options screen) and copy the code to save for the sign-up process. 
    • Select the product you want to display. 
    • Select a design option. 
    • Click Ok.
  3. At this point, your page will show either:
    • Your Infinity product (HigherGiving, MediaRush, or SmoothEvents). If so, you're already set up in the Infinity Admin area. You can use the Infinity Admin area to edit the tools. You're done here.
    • Or, you will see a message like this:  Infinity isn't set up for your domain.
      That's okay... it just means you need to take care of a few items in the Infinity administration area, which is the next step.

Sign up for Infinity and use the Infinity admin controls

If you haven't signed up for the Infinity Products yet, the next step is here: Signing up for an Infinity Product

Once you have signed up for Infinity products, you can administrate your Infinity tools by logging in to the Infinity admin area at www.elexioinfinty.com/admin.

Trouble getting an Infinity product to show on a page?

If you've worked through placing a block and signing up for Infinity but the Infinity product (such as MediaRush) isn't showing on your page, check the dashboard screen for that product in your Infinity admin area.

The dashboard screen for each Infinity product includes an authorized domain that needs to match the address you are using to view the page.

  • If your Elexio Website is live at your domain, you will want to have your domain (such as "example.com") in the authorized domain area.
  • But if you are setting it up to work on a newer site that isn't live, you are probably using a domain such as "123456.web11.elexioamp.com" and you should put that domain in the Infinity authorized domain area. Later when your site goes live you will need to change this setting.


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