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Last Updated: 5/23/14

Infinity Sign Up

Elexio Infinity is a suite of tools that plug into any web site. Three of the four Infinity products are included free with Elexio Website.


  1. HigherGiving - Online contributions
    • Note for Elexio Database and Portal users: the Online Giving that is included in Portal is recommended instead of HigherGiving, as Portal connects directly to your Elexio Database.
  2. MediaRush- Audio, video, pocasting and more (still available, but superseded by the Media Center)
  3. SmoothEvents - Online event registration

Not Included:

  • AnswersCafe - Biblical answers for life's hard questions, all from trusted Christian leaders.

Before an Elexio Infinity product will function on your site, you need to sign up for the product and license it for your web site. This is easier if you have already added an Infinity block to a page and have your promo code (see Adding an Infinity Block).

New Infinity Users

  1. Navigate to the Infinity Sign Up page.
  2. Under the  Create An Infinity Account heading, fill in the required information. (We recommend using the same username/password you created for Elexio Website).
  3. Check off the "Are you an Elexio Client" checkbox and fill in the Username/Password that you use to login to the Account Center.
  4. After clicking Continue, you should be taken to a page that displays the four Infinity products.
  5. Check off the boxes next to the three included Infinity products. DO NOT select Answers Cafe unless you plan to pay for it.
  6. In the Licensed Domain text box, insert the domain name where your site is currently accessible. (The Elexio Infinity tools will only display at one domain name).
    • If your site is not yet live at your domain name, insert the temporary domain name that Elexio has given you.
    • Important: Once your site is live at your normal domain name, you'll need to login to elexioinfinity.com and change this to your normal domain name.
  7. In the Promotion Code text box, insert your promotion code. You can find your code in the control bar of the Infinity Product block.
    • Important: If you do not insert this code, you will be billed for these products.
  8. Again, if you have inserted your promotion code, you will not be billed. However, you are still required to enter your credit card information.
  9. When you click Finish, a lightbox will appear asking you to confirm your order. If you have only selected the three included products, the total displayed should be $0. If it is not, click cancel and try re-inserting your promotion code.

Current Infinity Users

  1. Navigate to the Infinity Sign Up page and login.
  2. If you're not automatically taken there, click on the My Account tab, then the Add & Remove Tools menu item.
  3. If you're not a user of all three included Infinity products, select them using the appropriate checkboxes.
  4. In the Promotion Code text box, insert your promotion code. You can find your code in the control bar of the Infinity Product block.
  5. Click Save Changes. Any new products will be added and billing will be stopped for your current products.
    • If you have signed up for new products, you will need to confirm your order in the lightbox that appears. The total that displays should be $0.
    • Note: While you will no longer be billed for the three included Infinity products, the total on the right of the My Account tab will still reflect original pricing.
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