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Last Updated: 10/3/13

Infinity - Media Rush

This is an older media option

This article is about an older media tool called MediaRush. For most purposes we recommend using our newer Media Center block.

If you are sure that you want to use MediaRush instead, keep reading...



MediaRush is a searchable Media Center where your can list and play your audio, video, and related files in an organized tabbed structure. Website visitors can subscribe to your resources via podcast and RSS, as well as easily email resources to friends. Whether you are working with audio sermons, video messages, teaching outlines and notes, or other media, MediaRush provides a lot of options. 

For further general information about MediaRush, see the MediaRush Tour and FAQ pages.

MediaRush is an Elexio Infinity Product included free with Elexio Website. Before you can use MediaRush for free, you must sign up (or modify your existing Infinity account) at elexioinfinity.com/admin using a promotion code. See Signing Up for an Infinity Product  for instructions.

Add MediaRush to a Page

  1. Add an Elexio Infinity Product block to the page you'd like MediaRush to appear on.
  2. In the controls, select MediaRush. You can change the color theme later.
  3. Click Okto finish.
    •  MediaRush may not appear if you've not yet licensed it to display at your domain name. See below.

License Your Domain Name

As you begin working with MediaRush, it's important to understand that MediaRush is managed at elexioinfinity.com/admin, not at your website.

  1. Login to your Infinity Account at elexioinfinity.com/admin. (If you don't yet have an account, see Signing up for an Infinity Product).
  2. In the main menu, click My Products and select MediaRush.
  3. MediaRush will only display at one domain name. On the Dashboard page, paste your domain name in the text box below the Licensingheading, and save your changes.
    • If your site is not yet live, use the temporary domain name Elexio has given you. (ex: 123456.web10.elexioamp.com).
    • Once your site is live at your domain name, make sure to change the licensed domain name.

Add a Resource

  1. If you're not already there, login to your MediaRush account at elexioinfinity.com/admin. (See above for step by step instructions).
  2. Click on the Create Resource link to add your first listing in MediaRush.
  3. Give your Resouce a Title, Description, Date, and scripture References in the provided boxes.
  4. If you'd like an image to appear next to your resource, enter the URLwhere your image can be accessed on the web.
    • To find your image URL, in a new tab, open your website Files area and select your image. The URL appears in the Properties tab. Copy/paste this URL to the Image URL text box on the Create Resource page.
    • Images should be sized 75 pixels wide by 60 pixels high or they may appear stretched.
  5. MediaRush is intended to group resources in series. From the Seriesdrop down box, select the series this resource should be associated with.
    • To add a new series, select Add New and give your series a title and associated image if you like.
  6. Each resource will have one or more files associated with it. (Ex: video & audio versions of the same sermon, plus notes in PDF format). Under the Files heading, give the first file you want associated with this resource a title and include the URL where it can be accessed on the web.
    • Like the Image URL, the URL for your files can be found in your website Files area in the Properties tab.
    • Typically, the Download URL is the same as the file URL.
    • Audio files must be in MP3 format. Video files must be a MP4, MOV or AVI format. (For MP4 format, we recommend that you use the H.264 codec for best results). If you don't already have audio/video conversion software, there are many good low-cost or free options available. (Ex: http://www.freemake.com/free_video_converter/). A simple web search should yield multiple results.
    • Choose the appropriate file type from the Type drop down box and check off if this file should be included in the RSS feed or downloadable.
    • Click the Add File link for each additional file you'd like to add.
  7. Under Default File, select the file that should open automatically when the resource is selected.
  8. The default tabs set up in MediaRush are Speaker, Date, Series, and Topic. Assign your resource to any of these categories necessary.
    • You can set up additional tabs on the Organize page.
    • If you don't wish to use the default tabs, do not modify them, just mark them as not shown under Tab Options.
  9. When finished, click Save This Form. When you refresh your webpage that displays MediaRush, your new resource should appear under the appropriate tabs.
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