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Last Updated: 8/14/14

Portal Best Practices

Every organization has a unique makeup, goals, and vision. However, we've found the below suggestions helpful for most organizations.

Should we have a dedicated Portal page for online giving?

When a website visitor wants give online, they may not think to look in a 'My Account' section of your website. Therefore, we often recommend you create two menu items or links to separate Portal pages on your site; one for online giving and the other for the remaining areas of Portal.

As usual, link the "My Account" or similarly titled menu item to a page that shows all the areas of Portal, including giving. Link the "Online Giving" menu item to a separate page that only shows the Portal giving section. (For Elexio Website owners, you can set which section appears using the Portal block controls. Non-Elexio Website owners will need to accomplish the above by modifying the Portal embed code. Instructions to do so can be found at Setting up and Using Portal under the "Option 1: Integrate Portal into your existing website" heading).

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