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Last Updated: 5/15/15

The Files Area

The Top things you need to know

1. No Save Button

The files area automatically saves your changes as you make them. There is no longer a need to stop and save. 

2. List View

There is now a list view option for browsing your files. Click on the list icon (upper right) to change the display mode. Example shown below.

3. Tool identification

Item Name

Function / Example Design



Files View, Search, Trash Upper left

The Clipboard

Use the clipboard to move files to new folders

Upper right

Upload File

Upload files to the website from your computer

Moved from upper right to upper left

New Folder

Add a new file folder

Upper Left


Organizes your files

Main Content Area

Image File

Examples: jpg, png

Main Content Area

Video File

Examples: mp4, flv

Main Content Area

Audio File

Examples: mp3, wav, wma

Main Content Area

Other Files

Examples: pdf, zip

Main Content Area

4. Uploading files

There's no more large vs. small file uploader. Just click the Upload button, browse for a file (hold CONTROL or COMMAND to multi-select if you wish), then click ok. When the upload is complete, the loading bar will read "100%".

After upload, you can delete a file by selecting it and clicking the X at the top right corner.

5. The Close Button is at the bottom of the screen

The Close button that used to be at the upper right corner of the screen is now at the lower right corner.

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