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Last Updated: 11/19/14

This article is intended for: Website Administrators

Starting on a new Web site project?

Let's get started.

1. Get to know how your website works.

  • Access the temporary site we've setup for you by following the link provided in the Account Center. If you can't access the account center, check with your local web administrator or our support team.
    TIP: Bookmark the page to avoid re-typing the long temporary site address.
  • Start getting to know our tools with the Getting Started video. 
    Make sure you also work through Building Your Site.
  • If you purchased a custom design, get started on that process as soon as possible. Our design team will be in touch with you, Meanwhile, you can accomplish a lot by getting to know these tools and starting to build out your content. Use a basic design for now. Then your custom design will work with the existing pages and content you create.

2. Build your site content

  • Start building your site with your basic content (text, images, links, etc.) to get familiar with how our content management system works.
  • Give careful thought to how you want your site organized via menus and links.  
  • Then consider adding popular features such as Calendars, Forms, Online Giving, Media Center, or Blogs
  • If you have our church management system, Elexio Database, consider turning on Database integration. You'll also want to use Elexio Portal on your site for an integrated directory, event registration, online giving and much more.
  • You might already feel overwhelmed!  We're here for you!  Take advantage of the all the different ways we can help you via phone, email, videos, free live Q&A sessions and our Support Request system.

3. Wrap up other details

  • At least a couple of weeks before you are ready to take your site live, make plans for your domain. (That's the address for your site, such as "mychurch.org"). If you have a new domain purchased through Elexio, we will take care of the details related to your domain.
  • Make sure your email is ready for your web site transition. Any domain-based email addresses (like pastor@MyChurch.org) could be affected by the change.
  • Consider your launch process and any other details.

4. Make your website live!

Once you have your design set, your content in place, and your domain and email ready to go, all that's left is to take your site live!

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