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Last Updated: 2/10/14

Adding a Facebook Icon or Like Button

The best place to add a facebook icon or facebook 'like' icon will depend on the design you are using on your site. Often, they are placed in the footer of a site so that they can appear on every page. Unless you have a specific social icon menu, a Rich Content block is probably the best option. Most designs have a content area in the footer. If you just want a facebook icon that links to your facebook page, simply find a facebook icon, upload it to your Files area, add it to your footer rich content block, then link the image to your facebook page.

If you'd like to add a "like" button, you'll need to get the necessary code from Facebook. For this, you'll need to go to http://developers.facebook.com/docs/guides/web/#plugins.

Once you have the code, open the Rich Content block in edit mode and click on the 'View HTML code' icon </>. Paste your code in the area provided. (Note: if you're not familiar with HTML code, we recommend you place the code before any existing HTML. You may need to use HTML formatting code to align or format your 'like' button appropriately. While we do not provide training in HTML, if it's not coming out like you want it to, let us know in a support request (support@elexio.com) and we may be able to easily get it displaying as you like).

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