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Last Updated: 7/15/15

Integrating your Website and Database

One of the greatest things about your ELEXIO WEBSITE is that it can integrate with your ELEXIO DATABASE, our Church Management Database product! Here are a few of the primary benefits:

  • DATABASE Web Forms: Create prayer request, ministry sign-up, or event registration forms that record submissions & payments in your database.
  • Calendars: Create and manage your events all in one place (database) and simply choose if and when those events display in your website, mobile app, or database web-portal.
  • Media: Add sermon or other media to your website media center and have it automatically populate within your mobile app.
  • People: All your people records are managed in one place yet dynamically pull into all our software solutions. No extra administration!

How do I integrate my website with my database?

By default, your website and database are not integrated. (Among other reasons, this is because some organizations wish to move forward with our products separately). When you're ready to integrate, simply notify us using a Support Request or use the button at the end of this article. (We can usually complete integration in 1-2 days or less).

However, before you integrate, there's a few important things you should know... 

Before integration, please be aware of the below:

  1. Data Conversions: If you are doing a data-conversion into ELEXIO DATABASE, we cannot integrate your website until your data-conversion is complete.

  2. Website People Area: When we integrate your website and database, all the people in your database will overwrite (delete) all the people that you have set up in your website People Area. Only people with the database Security Role of Admin will have rights to login to your website. If you have already set up website permissions and group memberships for given people records, you will need to re-set these after integration.

    Other important items regarding the People Area after integration...
    • While you can edit an individual's information in the website People Area, you can only add new people records through your Database.
      Also, since a person's record in the website People Area only includes some of the fields available in the database, we recommend you do most of your 'people' editing in the database.
    • Website editing permissions will still be set up and managed in your website People Area.
    • Because the website Directory Block (ex: great for a staff page) displays groups from the People area, you may need to re-assign people to the appropriate group after integration.
    • Database Security Roles are turned into Groups in your website People Area, making it easy to assign groups of people rights to see pages. 
      • Ex: Set up a page that's only accessible to the Portal and Mobile Group so only your Members and Regular Attenders have rights to see it. (For more, see Password Protected Pages.)
    • Permissions to post to a blog or calendar block are handled within these blocks themselves. You'll need to open each blog or calendar block and re-assign permissions. (See Blogs or Calendars).

If you have any questions regarding the above, please call (888-997-9947 x2) or let us know in a Support Request. Otherwise, if you're ready to integrate, click the button below to get the process started!

Integrate our website and database!

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