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Last Updated: 10/29/14


Your domain name is the address people use to get to your site or email, such as “elexio.com” or "support@elexio.com". 

If you have a new domain purchased through Elexio,

We will take care of the details related to your domain, and you can skip the rest of this article.

If you already have a domain,

You will want to make sure it is ready to go before you try to take your site live. First, it will help you to understand that your domain includes several records, including:

  1. Registrar - the organization that you work with to manage your domain (such as Network Solutions or GoDaddy).
  2. Administrative Contact Email - an email address where correspondence about the domain is sent.
  3. Name Server records: these tell the internet system where to direct requests (like a web page or a mail server) related to your domain.  The name server records control where your domain "points". 

Information about your domain (including at least some of the above records) is available in a public database called WHOIS. You can view this information at many sites, including www.domainwhitepages.com.

Transferring your domain name to Elexio

You will need to decide if you want to keep your domain with your current registrar or transfer your domain to Elexio so that we manage it directly for you. To transfer your domain registration to Elexio (recommended, but not required):

  1. Contact the current domain registrar to do the following three important steps:
    1. Confirm you have access to the administrative contact e-mail address listed for your domain name. (Later, an email requiring a reply will be sent to this address).
    2. Have the domain unlocked for transfer. When the domain is unlocked, the WHOIS "Status" record will have the value "OK."
    3. Obtain the EPP Authorization Code. This code is needed by Elexio to initiate the domain transfer.
  2. Then open a support request requesting that we initiate the transfer
    • Use the subject “Domain transfer for yourdomain.com.”
    • Let us know that the domain is unlocked and the admin email address is valid.
    • Include the EPP Authorization code.
    • Be clear about whether or not you want us to take your site live once the transfer is complete. If you choose to take your site live, please also let us know if you will keep your email at another provider or use the email provided by Elexio.

We will initiate the transfer and will follow up with you through the support request. Domain transfers usually take about a week for completion, but depend on the responsiveness of the admin contact and the current registrar.

If you decide to keep your current registrar, we strongly recommend that you confirm your domain access and contact information is up to date so that you will be ready to take your site live when the time comes.

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