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Last Updated: 3/4/14

Almost ready to launch?

Here are a few items to consider as you get close to launching your new web site...

Be familiar with the process

You want to make sure the technical aspects of the launch go smoothly. Major items include your domain and email. 

But a number of other items can be involved, including:

  1. SSL Security - It's required for pages with online giving, but we can't put it in place until after your new site is live. Check with us through a support request ahead of time about setting up your SSL. Once it is in place, you will use the Pages area to have it show on your giving or Portal pages.  
  2. Portal (the online portal for an Elexio Database)
  3. Infinity products (like HigherGiving or SmoothEvents) - Since these function based on your domain, you may need to go to the Infinity Admin pages to update the listed domain.
  4. Google Site Search - If a search is a dominant feature on your new site, decide how you want to handle the transition. Until your new site is live and Google has updated it's indexing, your search will show links to your old website (which may not be available).
  5. To handle old search results, set up a custom 404 page ("Page not found").

Make sure it's as good as you think it is

You've put a lot of work in on your site and you hope it's going to accomplish what you like.

  1. You don't have to include everything right away, but here are a few details  you may want to  consider...
  2. After you have reviewed the site, watch while different individuals who haven't seen it yet try to use it.
    • Pay careful attention to how easily they can do what they need to do (find out about a ministry or event, get to online giving, etc.)
    • Ask for opinions, but remember that you can't please everyone.
    • Include someone who isn't familiar with your ministry... they bring a different perspective and different needs.

Decide on your launch style

 How you launch your site can have a big impact on what's important for you in the process.

  1. The big public launch
    • Advantages: Fresh opportunity to get your message in front of people, get a lot of people using it, and can contribute to enthusiasm for an event or your ministry in general.
    • Disadvantages: Requires a high level of up-front preparation and puts pressure on every potential issue in the transition.
  2. A quieter "soft" launch
    • Advantages: Lowers the pressure on making sure everything is just right, allows for a more gradual implementation.
    • Disadvantages: Lose opportunity for excitement and a fresh focus on your message.  

Of course, those two options hint at a whole spectrum of options. For example, you can have a big launch and still really simplify the process by holding off on online giving.

However you decide to launch, it's an exciting moment for advancing your ministry to your community!


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