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Last Updated: 10/29/14

Taking your Site "Live"

Your site is considered "live" when anyone can view it by entering your domain name (such as "elexio.com" or "myorganization.org") in the address line of a web browser.

Making your site live will also affect any email based on your domain. The process for you will depend on whether or not Elexio has control of your domain. (See more info about your Domain and also about Launching a New Site.)

A Domain with Elexio

If your domain is hosted with Elexio, we will take care of the changes needed. About a week ahead of time, open a support request and let us know the date you would like us to take your new website live. Keep in mind that it can take 24 to 48 hours for the website to propagate around the internet, so please leave ample time.

Managing Your Own Domain

If you are managing your own domain or working through another organization, here are your options:

  • Option A: Transfer your domain to Elexio and then let us make the changes (plan on at least a week or two for the transfer process). See Your domain.
  • Option B: Work with your current domain registrar to change your name server records. The name server records should be changed to "ns1.elexio.com" and "ns2.elexio.com"
    Before you use Option B, contact our support team about your plans a few days ahead of time. If you will keep your email at another provider (besides Elexio), include your email DNS information so that we can make sure our DNS servers are ready to go for you.
  • Option C: If you are handling your own DNS records, contact our support team for the unique IP address for your site, which you can use to set up the needed 'A' record in your DNS settings.

When Your Domain Change Has Fully Propagated

Review your site and test your email to confirm that they are functioning as expected. If you have any questions, please open a support request.

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