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Last Updated: 11/25/14

Maps and Directions

Elexio Website doesn't include a specific block type for directions or maps. However, there are several good free alternatives.

For example, Google Maps has several easy ways to create and embed a map or directions right onto your website. (See Google Directions and Maps). After inputting your address and and other necessary fields, copy the code Google provides, add an HTML block to your page, then simply paste the code into the HTML block. Click Ok to close the HTML block, and your map or directions should appear.

Typically, the code Google provides shows "height" and "width" fields so that you can easily define the size of your map/directions area. That said, since this is a 3rd party tool created by Google, Elexio does not provide support or help material on configuring the tool itself. Please refer to Google's help resources.


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