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Last Updated: 12/10/12

Mini Sites

To set up a "mini site" within your current site, here's what you do:

  1. Create the pages for the mini site and apply the Dynamic Canvas design you want to use on those pages.
    Ex: For a special event, you could create a page called "Fall Fest" and under it include pages called "Activities", "Directions", "Vendors" and "Volunteer". Let's say you've decided to use the "Classica-Blue" Dynamic Canvas design.
  2. Set the design elements to work with that area. menu (and other design elements like logos, footer information, etc.) to function separately for the section you created.
    - In the controls for the main menu,
          a. set the Design Block Scope to "section" starting with "Fall Fest" and
          b. set the menu to be Dynamic, showing "All Sub Pages of a Specific Page" and select "Fall Fest"
    - Also change your content for the Logo and footer blocks and any other relevant design blocks.
  3. Depending on how you set the visibility of the first page in the section (e.g., "Fall Fest") you can control whether or not these pages display on your main site.
  4. You can have people access this site using the path for the site (Ex: www.example.com/fall-fest) or you can have us set up a separate domain that points to that area. There may be some setup fee and other costs involved for a separate domain.
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