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Last Updated: 12/10/12

Creating a Landing Page

Elexio Website gives you control over what page loads first when a site visitor navigates to your domain name. This makes it easy to create and maintain a landing page.

  1. In your Pages area, create a page to use as your landing page. Choose a page design and add your content to the page.
    • If this landing page is to be used as a 'place-holder' until the rest of your site is ready to take live, make sure to remove any links to other pages from design blocks, such as the main menu. (When modifying a design block, be sure to change the scope to "This page only" so that your changes only affect your landing page).
  2. The first page in your Pages area will load when someone navigates to your domain name. Therefore, drag your landing page to the first position in your Pages area.
  3. Save your changes and Voila! You've set up a landing page!
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