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Last Updated: 6/10/14

The New Pages Area

The Top things you need to know

1. No more Silverlight - Mac users can use Safari

We are no longer using Silverlight for the Pages area, so Mac (and PC) users should have fewer problems working with the software. Users can use Website in IE, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.

2. No More Save Button

The pages area now automatically saves your changes as you make them. There is no longer a need to stop and save. 

3. We've added a List View

There is now a list view option for browsing your pages. Click on the list icon (upper right) to change the display mode. Example shown below.

4. We've added a Duplicate Page button!

We've added a new button that will allow you to instantly duplicate any existing page you have selected. It is located under the Advanced Properties tab. Select the page you want to duplicate, click the button and a carbon copy will be instantly added next to the original. The Duplicate will have the same title as the original with "(Duplicated)" added.

When a copy is made, it replicates all of the content from the original page on the new one. After duplication, you can make changes to each page separately. They are not linked and changes do not cascade from one to the other.

5. Selecting a Page design is new and improved! 

You are now able to see a canvas preview when selecting a new page design. This will give you a better idea of what you are choosing.

7. The Delete Button has changed

Instead of a Delete button on the properties tab, an X button now appears in the corner of any selected page. 


Click the X and confirm request to delete the page.

8. Pages in the Recycle Bin are automatically deleted after 30 days

Any page in the Recycle Bin is automatically deleted 30 days after it enters the bin.

9. Grey Box indicates placement when moving pages

When moving a page, wait for the grey box to appear before dropping the file. If you do not see that box, the page will jump to the front of the directory (even if you still see the "Move here" icon).

10. Things look different and/or have moved

Item Name

Old Design

New Design



Moved from upper right to upper left

The Clipboard

Moved from lower left to upper right

Add New Page

Moved from upper right to upper left



Page Stack


Tabs Menu Changes


  • “Title” field now under “Advanced Properties”
  • Page URL field is now editable to create "Custom URL"
  • To delete a page, click the X in the corner instead of the “Delete” button
  • Keywords and Description are now under “Advanced Properties”


 “Always display On Menu” checkbox is now an option under “Menu Visibility” settings on the Properties tab.

Editing & Publishing

These areas are essentially the same.

Advanced Properties - New

We've moved the Title, Keywords, and Description fields from the old properties tab to their own Advanced Properties tab. We have also added a Duplicate this Page button. These items exist on their own tab because we expect they will be used less frequently than the items on the main Properties tab. Title is what appears at the top of the browser window and also as the heading in search result. Keywords and Descriptions are what help your site to be found in the search engines. The Duplicate this Page button copies any selected page. More Info above.

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