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Last Updated: 3/27/15

Page Access - Logins

You can restrict access to pages and files on your site by requiring a login - for example, a members-only section of the site accessed only by staff or PDFs of board meeting notes that only board members can open. Pages and Files with limited access will show a login screen if access is attempted while not logged in. 

Assigning Access / Editing & Publishing rights to Pages

  1. When logged in, click on the Pages button in the site control bar.
  2. Select the page on which you would like to limit access.  Limiting access to a page will also limit access to all pages beneath that page in site structure.
  3. Click the Access or Editing & Publishing tab near the bottom of the window to show the Access information for the page.
  4. Under Users / Groups, select a User or Group that will have access to this page.  See People: Site Users and Groups
  5. Click the right arrow to move that User or Group to the Allowed box.
    • Site administrators and any other users with automatic rights to the page will also be listed in the Allowed list to remind you of their rights to the page. 
    • As long as one user or group has been listed as Allowed, the page will not display on your menu unless the viewer has logged as a user with rights to the page.
    • For Editing & Publishing, if a name is moved without checking the box next to it, that user will only be able to edit the page and will need to request that their changes be published. Users with the box checked will be able to edit and publish on their own.
  6. To remove a user or group's permission to access the page, select their entry in the Allowed list and click the left arrow. Users with site-wide privileges will be shown as grayed out and cannot be removed. See People: Security Settings for more on site-wide privileges. 

Accessing Password Protected Pages

Once you've assigned a page Access rights, it will no longer appear on the main menu until you login. There are two primary ways to allow a site user to login and see this page.

  1. In your Pages area, select your secured page and click on the Properties tab. Next, in the Page Visibility drop down box, select Always Visible. This will make your secured page visible on the menu again. However, when this page (menu item) is clicked on, it will bring up the login screen before a site visitor can view it.
  2. Create a new page titled "Login" or something similar, and add a Login Block to the page. Once a site visitor logs in, the secured page will appear in the menu. If using this method, it may be helpful to include some instructions such as "Once you login, the secured pages you have rights to view will appear in the main menu."

Assigning Access to Files

To limit access to certain files or folders, open your site Files area and follow the instructions for Assigning Access to Pages (above).For more information, please take a look at our Help Article on Files.

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