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Last Updated: 6/10/14

Recover Deleted Pages

Q; I've accidentally deleted one of the pages of my site, but I need it back! How do I get it back?!

1. In the Main menu, select the Recycle Bin, pictured below.


2. Select the deleted page. You may use the search bar to filter your results.

3. Once you have located the page you want to restore, note where it came from. There is a location listed in the entry next to the date on which the page was deleted.

4. Move the page to the Clipboard. Just drag the page into the Clipboard area. 

5. Select Show Pages in the menu. This will take you back to the main pages menu. The icon is pictured below. 


6. Once you are back in the main pages menu. Move the page back into place. Just drag the page from the clipboard back to where it had been deleted from.

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