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Last Updated: 7/23/14

People - Site Users and Groups

The list of people (or users) on your site is used for setting up site editors, controlling access to pages, and displaying directory information.

If your church uses Elexio Database, the People area will display all the people in your Elexio Database. In this scenario, a few things in the People area are different than what's described below. (For example, when integrated with your Elexio Database, you can only add new people/users in Elexio Database). For more on these differences, and for instructions on how to integrate your Elexio Website with your Elexio Database, see integration

Create a new user

  1. Click on the People button in the control bar.  The People window will display.
  2. Click on the New Person button. The edit user window will display. (If you are integrated with Elexio Database, a message will appear telling you to add new people there instead.)
  3. Fill in as much of the user information as you like.  For information on Security Settings and Custom Fields, see those topics below.
    • Images for a user should be 300 pixels by 300 pixels for best display.
  4. When done, click the Save button.

Edit, delete, or restore a user

  1. To edit a user, go to the People window and double click the user's name.  The edit user window for that user will display. Make any changes you want, then click the Save button.
  2. To delete a user, click on the Delete (X) icon to the right of their information on the main People screen. Confirm that you want to delete them by clicking Yes. If your site is integrated, you will not be able to delete users via Elexio Website.
  3. To restore a user, click on the Restore User icon (where the X used to be) to the right of their information on the Recycle Bin screen. The user icon will disappear from the list of deleted users and will show in your active list. If your site is integrated, you will not see the Recycle Bin.
  4. To return to your list of active users, click the Show Active Users icon.

Find a user

If you have a large list of people, you can narrow down your search. 

  1. In the People window, click on the Search icon. Start typing the name of the person you are trying to find in the search box.
  2. As you begin typing in the box, the user list will change to show only those users with names that include the characters you have typed.
  3. To show all users again, delete what you typed in the filter box.

Create, rename, or delete a group

You can use groups to manage many users at once, such as setting a group to display in a directory, giving a group log-in access to a certain set of pages, or managing editing permissions for a set of site editors.

  1. To create a new Website group, click on the New Group button, enter the Group Name and click Save.
  2. To rename a Website group, click on a group in the Groups side bar and then click on the Edit this Group icon. The Group Name box will appear.  Enter the new name and click Save.
  3. To delete a Website group, click on that group in the Groups side bar, then click the Delete Group (X) button.
  4. To add or remove a user from a Website group, double click the user's icon to edit the user.  Under the Security tab, click the check box to include or remove the user from each group.  When done, click the Save button.
  5. Database Groups are automatically generated based on Elexio Database Security Roles, but you can continue to create and manage Elexio Website groups independent of the Databse after integration.

Security Settings

In the Edit User Window, each user can be given rights to site access and editing by checking boxes in this area.

  1. Site Admin - gives the user full administrative rights to every page and function of the site.  Site Administrators cannot be restricted from accessing any area of the site.
  2. Site Manager - gives the user access and publishing rights to every page on the site.  Site Publishers cannot administrate the People or Site Settings areas unless they are checked off.  For more, see People: Security Settings.
  3. Files Area, Pages Area, People Area, Site Settings Area - each of these boxes gives the user access to each specific area.

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to include additional information for each user listing.  You can add fields for birthday, spouse, favorite dessert, or any information that is important for your site.

  1. To manage custom fields, click on the Setup Custom Database Fields icon.
  2. To create a new custom field, in the Field Name box on the left of the page, enter the name of the custom field you want to create, then click the Create (+) button.
  3. To delete a custom field, click the Delete(X) button located next to that specific field.  Once a custom field has been removed, any information that was in that field on each user entry will be deleted.
  4. Add information to custom fields by editing the user and accessing the Misc. tab. All custom fields appear there.
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