Google is changing the rules


On April 21st of 2016, Google changed it's search criteria to give priority to sites that are mobile friendly. In other words, a non-mobile friendly site is harder to find because other sites are bumped above it in mobile search results.

If you want your church's site to be easily found in a mobile Google search, you'll need to take some steps to ensure that it is mobile-friendly.


1. First check to see if your site is already mobile-friendly...

Click this link to see if your site is mobile-friendly

→ If YES, then you're done. You've got nothing else to worry about!

→ If NO, keep reading...


You might be asking:

  • How much will my search ranking be affected? Could my site disappear from search results all together? 

    • Only search results on mobile devices will be affected. Google doesn't publish how much it will "penalize" non-responsive websites, so we can't accurately predict what affect it will have. That said, it's clear that responsive design has been and will be the standard for websites. With 25% of US adults ONLY accessing the web with a mobile device, transitioning to a responsive design should be part of your future website plans.

  • We have a mobile section set up for smartphone visitors. Is this option sufficient? 

    • The way Google analyzes a site, it does not account for the redirect we have in place that sends smart-phone visitors to your mobile section. After review of Google's upcoming changes, we can't work around this without harming your SEO in other ways. Ultimately, even if you have a mobile section set up, your mobile search results will still be penalized by Google.

      As mobile usage has grown over the years, responsive design is now the web-standard best practice.  To keep in step with and present your best face to site visitors, we'd encourage you to consider transitioning to a responsive design. For more on the responsive designs Elexio offers, please see or contact or Sales Team at 888-997-9947x1 or  

2. Make Changes

  • How do I transition designs? How long does it take? Will I have to redo all of my content?

    • There are multiple free or low-cost options to transition designs. The following help article will walk you through the basics:

      Depending on the complexity of your site, the changes you plan to make, and the time you have available, a design transition can be as short as an hour or could be a multi-week process. In general, many organizations we serve choose to go with a site copy as it gives you as much time as needed to work on your new design hidden from the public. (That said, we recommend you transition your design in 30 days or less, just so that content doesn't get too far out of date).

      When you apply a new design to your site, only content in Design Blocks needs to be re-set-up. All of the main body area content will appear on the same pages. (For more on Design Blocks, see That said, we do recommend reviewing each page after transition to ensure all appears as you would like it to. Each design may have a slightly different width main body area, meaning content may fit the given area differently than before.

      If you have further questions about the design transition process, we recommend that you sign up for one of our Website Question and Answer sessions. You can find these in the Account Center ( under the "Help" tab. 

  • What’s the difference between Standard and Premier level designs? Which is best for me? 

    • From a high level, Standard designs can get you the same great look as a Premier level design, but with a little less flexibility. They're a great low-cost option to make your design responsive. Premier level designs give you that same amazing look with much more flexibility. You can choose your own custom colors and background images - as well as have more control over page layout with additional sub-page designs. Below is a bulleted feature list: 

      1. Standard:

        1. Choose from 5 designer-selected color themes

        2. 2 page designs

          1.  Home – fixed layout

          2. Sub-Page with sidebar menu

      2. Premier:

        1. Choose from 5 designer-selected colors OR select colors of your choice

        2. Ability to change background images & textures

        3. 4 page designs

          1. Home – customizable layout

          2. Sub-Page with Sidebar Menu

          3. Sub-Page with built in slideshow (or other custom design block)

          4. Custom Page featuring full-width content area – great for making a page look any way you want.


Need more information? Read through Elexio's article on Managing a Responsive Website

 Want to contact our sales team? You can reach them at 888-997-9947 x1 or