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Last Updated: 6/3/2016

Sitewide Settings

Access this area by clicking on Site Settings in the menu.


Place your website title here. The title will appear in a browser tab before the page name and helps search engines properly index your pages.

Mobile Home Page

It is highly recommended that you use a responsive site design which eliminates the need for a mobile home page.  For more information on "Going Responsive", watch this video. Additional resources related to deploying are responsive design are available. If your site is responsive do not enter a mobile home page address.

If you ignore this recommendation, click on the Browse button to select the page people visiting your site with a mobile device will be redirected to.

Default Design

Use the Default Design drop down box to select the default page design assigned to a page when you first create it. Only designs you have installed will display in this list.

Default Time Zone

Enter your default time-zone here. This is the time zone used by all calendar events and anything else that displays a date and time.

Date Format

This is a shorter date format that appears in the calendar block List and Upcoming Events display type. 

Long Date Format

This date format appears in the tool tip displayed when you click on a calendar event. It also appears in the blog block.

Time Format

Choose between 12 and 24 hour. Ex: using the 24 hour setting, 8PM would be 20:00.

Sitewide Description and Keywords 

  1. Use these areas to describe your site for search engines and other software. The text you input, often called meta data or meta tags
    Text information used to describe a website for search engines. See Search Engine Optimization Tips
    Text information used to describe a website for search engines. See Search Engine Optimization Tips
    , does not display on your site, but is visible to search engines as they index your site.
  2. Information placed in these fields will be the default Description and Keyword meta tags for any pages on the site that do not already have their own Description and Keywords defined. See SEO Tips.
    • Keywords: Keywords should be a list of words, separated by commas, that would be significant words related to the purpose of your site.

    • Description: should be one to three sentences that describe your site's purpose.

Favorite Icon

A Favorite Icon (or favicon) is the small icon that appears next your web browser's address bar. Click on the Browse button to select a favicon from your Files area. (Note: the file you select should be an icon type of file (.ico file extension). If you don't have an .ico file, do a Google search for "favicon generator" to find several good options).

HTML Included in Header

Entering HTML code in your header will allow for a customization of your site.  This is not a required field and is available for advanced users.  Please do not contact Elexio support for assistance with creating HTML code.


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