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I can't access the area I want to edit

If a page area you want to edit does not highlight when you hover your mouse pointer over it, here's what to check...

  1. Confirm you're set to change content.
    • In the menu bar at the top of your screen, hover over Actions.
    • If the Change Content button appears, click it to start changing content and turn on the highlight frames on the page.
    • Try hovering your mouse pointer over the area you'd like to edit to see the highlight frames.
  2. Verify you have rights to edit that part of the page.
    • On most pages, the main content area is located toward the center of the page. Most content changes will be made here.
    • The areas without content on the far left and right are outside the main body of your page and are not editable. Uneditable design areas may also occur within the main body of the site.
    • Some areas are set as design blocks. These typically include elements such as menus, logos, footers, and often slide shows. Because design blocks are part of a page design, editing options on design blocks may be limited (see Design Blocks). If you are not set up with publishing rights to the page, you will not have access to edit design blocks. (See People - Security Settings). 
    • To see if you have publishing rights to the page, click on the Pages icon in the menu bar at the top of your screen.  In the Pages area, select the specific page, then click the Editing and Publishing tab.  If your user or a group that you are a member of is not listed with a check under Publish then you do not have publishing rights to the page.
    • To be given publishing rights, please contact your website administrator.
  3. If you've reviewed the above and still are not able to edit an area, the design you're using may not allow this area to be edited. If you need further help, please open a support request in the Help Center. Our support team would be happy to assist you.
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